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My team and I dominate the first page of Google for not only ourselves but for our clients as well, putting your business at the top of page one for targeted keywords that generate traffic and leads for specific services including “Long island SEO services”. We rank for local markets as well as national and international niche markets.

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A premier Long Island SEO company can be your number 1 tool when it comes to marketing and branding. Google is the number 1 search engine PERIOD. Google receives thousands of searches daily from people looking for products and services as a solution to their problem, whether it be a leaking pipe and they need a Local plumber or they were hurt in a car accident and need a local lawyer or even if they maybe looking for a way to clear their face acne and Google will provide them with top websites on where they can find their solution.

What makes Better SEO Services in Long Island different ?

Well first things first all of our work is done by us not by outsourcers unlike these big so called SEO firms. Secondly building a relationship is a very important piece when it comes to marketing in general. We take the time not only to analyze your website and your business niche but to also ask you what your exact goals are so we can work on a plan that will be beneficial to you and your business.

Many local business owners are unaware of the importance of online presence and advertising. Did you know in 2013 Google billed out BILLIONS of dollars in advertising fees! Thats right billions of dollars because business owners needed to get their business in front of the frequent searches in their niche. its 2014 and almost everyone has a smart phone or laptop. Really think about when you need directions what source would you use to get these directions? most likely a mobile phone or online sites like map quest and now a key player in online marketing Google local.

If your a business in Long Island, NYC, Queens, Brooklyn or anywhere in New York and want to learn more on how Long Island SEO can benefit your business give us a call. Most likely you found us through Google and we dominate with our marketing strategies. We can help you dominate your competition and get you page 1 rankings in the web search engines.

 Here are a few key factors on how SEO can benefit your business.Google

High Rankings for your targeted market

Stealing targeted visitors away from your competition not only can generate calls and potential sales but Brands your business with that trust and important factor. When your using a search engine to search for a specific services your in need of or simply want most people click on the first few websites at the top of the search engine and rarely bother to click on the websites past the forth position. Its extremely important to understand the TOP of the search engine is where your website needs to sit to capture the full benefits and exposure of long island search engine optimization.

Brand awareness

Getting your Brand out in your market is extremely important when building a business especially when it comes to social media and search engine activity. Getting positioned and branded as the number 1 business in your niche plus displaying social media marketing by staying active and in touch with your audience can really build something powerful and memorable creating that “street credit” and the goto business for your services. Building trust will build long term sales.

Long Island Website Design and proper structure

Setting up your website to convert better and look high quality is a vital part of SEO and a must when performing SEO. Not only do you need proper website layout and SEO structure but you also want to keep visitors intrigued with what you have to offer and build trust and show quality all at the same time. A professional quality and structured website can make or break sales.

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Date Published: 09/03/2014
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